9- year- old girl and Grandmother found dead in Darlington County

DARLINGTON, SC (WBTW) – Sunday afternoon, Rosmary Dunn woke up to a knock at her door.

“I let them inside– they were crying, blood glass everywhere” said neighbor, Dunn.

Dunn walked over their home– to find her neighbor Denise Couplin and her grandchild on the bedroom floor.

“I walked over there, me and the children that live there– the door looked like the door had been kicked in. You could tell someone had broken in,” said Dunn. “I tried to say hello, hello, then I knew they were dead. They had been murdered.”

Dunn says the two children that ran to her… will suffer the most.

“They are traumatize, how can you forget your mother and sister being murdered?” Dunn asks.

Cathy Keith, a friend of Couplin, says the community will miss her.

“She was a very giving person– she helped me out several times.” Keith adds, “the saddest part is Denise being gone and her grandchild being involved”

Dunn shared a similar feeling about Couplin.

“”When I got out of the hospital, she said if you need anything– if you need food or a meal. You just call me and I’ll fix you a meal or whatever! Need to go anywhere I’ll take you,” Dunn said. “Denise was one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.”

Both Dunn and Keith are surprised by the unfortunate events.

“I don’t know of any enemies she had,” said Keith.

“I miss her already, I miss her now…I’m sure her children do,” explained Dunn.

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