Woman delivers 3 sets of twins in 26 months

KANSAS CITY, KS  — There are feelings of joy, sadness and surprise for a young woman in Kansas who has delivered three sets of twins in just over two years.

Danesha Couch has her hands full with two-year-old Danarius and one-year-olds Delilah and Davina. Couch’s third set of twins, Dalanie and Darla, were born last month and just came home after three weeks in neonatal intensive care.

Danarius’s twin brother Desmond died shortly after birth from complications of prematurity. “That was a pretty bad time,” the 20-year-old mother says.twins3

Couch says she had all three sets of twins with no fertility treatment. Two sets of twins are with her current fiance.

“People just consider me like a freak of nature when I tell them,” she laughs.

According to one report from Britain the odds of having three sets of twins are one in 88,000.

Dr. Elizabeth Wickstrom of Shawnee Mission Medical Center said, “The fact that you’ve ever done it before makes you more likely to do it again.”

She says that’s true with fraternal twins though not identical. She adds that women of African descent are more likely to have multiple multiples.

Couch says she doesn’t mind the piles of laundry and the sleepless nights, but says her and her fiance are not planning to have any more children for at least ten years

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