Horry County violence subcommittee discussed ways to improve the county

CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW)-Members of the Horry County violence subcommittee say crime is too high in the county. The group met on Wednesday night and discussed crimes that impact our area.

Crimes they’re paying attention to are murder, manslaughter, rape and drug abuse just to name a few.

Holly Heniford is on the subcommittee and says everyone should make these crimes their business.

“It’s a full county problem. It’s everyone’s problem. Even if you’re not affected, you are affected because your neighbor is affected.”

The subcommittee could not tell News13 what the biggest problem in Horry County is or where they see the most crime. Reverend Dr. George Payton, who is also on the subcommittee said they’re studying data from counties similar to Horry County and they hope to find that answer out.

“If we compare apples to apples what counties are doing we will be able to know what we are doing that is good, what we are doing that is not so good but more importantly what we can then emulate from other counties.”

The group suggested using a new interactive app that would allow people to know what is going on in the community and users could also report a problem. Payton said new resources are good but we should use what we already have.

“What are we doing to be sure that the left hand knows what the right hand is doing? I find that a lot of the times we have parts of the county not knowing what the other parts of the county are doing.”

While a lot of unanswered questions remain about how they’ll reduce crime, the group says it needs everyone’s help to move forward.

“Whether you’re directly or indirectly affected, it’s going to take the whole village to solve this problem.”

The group plans to meet again in August and September and plans to have more detailed statistics.

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