Protesters rally for paving of International Drive

IMG_2953GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WBTW)- Wednesday morning supporters of paving International Drive held a protest at the Coastal Conservation League.

Protesters were demonstrating against the league’s continuous efforts to delay the paving project and order environmental studies of the area.

“They need to have another road. It’s clear as can be. It’s something that you know is an easy done. CCL worried about the bears, they’re not worried about the people,” protestor Bill Schuck said.

The environmentalists insist that the protestors aren’t seeing the whole picture.

“Ridiculous. Because they’re just concerned about their vehicles, or the safety of themselves. They are not thinking about the bigger picture with the animals,” said Rachel McDaniel of SC Cares.

The road was supposed to be paved in 2013, but a legal battle over bear crossings stalled the project.

The original plan was to make the road two lanes and include three bear tunnels.  A few years later, the county proposed an expansion, making it five lanes, and taking out all of the bear tunnels.

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