Horry County woman prepares to support Clinton as a delegate in upcoming DNC

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Former Chair of the Horry County Democratic party, Sally Howard, is packing her bags this week to head to the Democratic National Convention.
There, she will support Hillary Clinton as one of her delegates, and this won’t be her first run-in with Clinton.

Thursday, Howard showed News 13 pictures of the two of them that date back to 1992.

She says she knows Hillary personally, and based on her background in politics, she believes she is the most qualified for the job.

Howard says it’s Hillary’s past experience in the Senate that would help give her the edge over Donald Trump as the next president.

“For the last eight years, we’ve had a House that has been just committed to being obstructive and stopping the President. That’s been their whole goal. So, I feel like Hillary has good experience in working on both sides of the aisle. When she was in the senate, she worked well with republicans. I think she can bring the two together more than Trump,” said Howard.

Still, whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, Howard says it’s important that everyone exercise their right to vote.

“Don’t ever say my vote doesn’t count because it does, and, you know, usually the people that complain the loudest are those that didn’t bother to go vote,” said Howard.

This is Howard’s 9th time attending the DNC.

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