Lake City leaders enforce juvenile curfew after recent rash of crime

LAKE CITY, SC (WBTW) – Lake City council approved a resolution this week that will enforce the juvenile curfew. The curfew was created in 1994… but a recent rash of crime involving young people prompted council to start enforcing it.

Former school teacher, Barbie Ward, thinks the curfew is good for kids and the city.

Ward said, “The city is trying to do their part to keep the kids safe, as well as, the city safe and property safe by putting the curfew into effect.”

The curfew prohibits minors under the age of 16 from wandering public places from midnight until 6 in the morning. Unless accompanied by an adult older than 21.

“It benefits the kids most because that temptation is not there… they know they can’t be out. They can’t be getting into trouble,” said Ward.

During the summer months, Lake City police have reported multiple incidents involving minors.

Ward explained, “Unfortunately, there are not a lot of things for kids to do in Lake City during the summer months. The recreation department does a great job with sports but there is not a summer sport. So kids get together and trouble can sometimes brew.”

City Administrator, Shawn Bell, said an increase in youth crimes prompted re-establishing the curfew. “Some juveniles broke into our Lions Park facility… some tried to steal one of our city dump trucks,” Bell adds “They actually stole an 18 wheeler.

The goal is to keep kids at home.

“It not only holds the juvenile accountable, it holds the parent or guardian accountable as well,” said Bell.

If a minor is picked up by Lake City police, the parent or guardian will be notified and given a courtesy summons.

“The second time that happens we would have the parent or guardian be fined up to 100 dollars. If it’s a repeat occurrence that fine goes up to 200 dollars and community service,” explained Bell.

Bell said, “We feel like this curfew will really be a benefit to public safety.”

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