Charleston woman finds unique career in 3D printing

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) Have you ever felt like you wanted to do something different for your career?

After nearly two decades designing fire trucks, Barbara Wood made a move many people would be shy away from.

“I wanted to find a unique niche,” Wood said.

3d Printing2That’s exactly what she did by joining 3D Transformations, a 3D model and replica company

From that special day of exchanging I do’s to capturing that perfect moment on the job, Barbara says many of her customers are of police officers, children and military members
“The facial details are so clear, so it brings back that special bond that you had of that person, two three years from now you have that special bond that you have to hold,” Wood said.

A quick scan of an iPad helps create the tangible snap shot model. It’s this Charleston woman’s way of helping people remember that special time or special someone for many years to come.3d Printing
“It’s very unique to have something that aerospace has been dealing with for 20 years in a warehouse for me to go use anytime I want. To be able to enhance that creativity in our lives,” Wood said.

3D Transformations is based in Charleston but Barbara says they are completely mobile and can travel all over.  She created many different scans of people at XCON in Myrtle Beach in their super hero outfits.


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