Former Horry County detective countersues accuser

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – A former Horry County police detective who faces three lawsuits has countersued one of his accusers.

Detective Allen Large got fired from the Horry County Police Department last summer. Two women have come forward since then, saying he forced them to participate in “nude catfights.” They also said he sexually assaulted them.

A woman known only as Jane Doe 3 filed the latest lawsuit against Large in June. She says she opened a case with the police department in 2015 after her husband threatened to kill her. Her attorney claims Large was assigned to her case.

The lawsuit alleges Large started showing up at Doe’s house unannounced and eventually sexually assaulted her and coerced her to participate in “nude catfights.”

Large denied those allegations in court documents filed Thursday. His attorneys asked a judge to dismiss Doe’s lawsuit and Large also countersued.

His attorney says Large was never assigned to the woman’s case and that he only helped as a friend.

The countersuit says Doe wasn’t forced to do anything. Large admits to talking about “nude catfights” with the woman, but he says she made all of the arrangements and she went on her own, according to court documents.

Large’s attorney says Doe made up a story after hearing about the other lawsuits against him and that she just wants money.

Large filed a similar countersuit against another Jane Doe earlier this summer.

A court-issued schedule indicates the Jane Doe 3 case won’t go to trial before July 2017.

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