Most ticketed cars could cost you even if you have a clean record

By Diane Lee (WSPA)


It’s no big secret that certain types of cars may attract more attention from Highway Patrol. But a new study that pinpoints which cars are the most likely to be pulled over may surprise you.

The study tracked the rate each car gets ticketed for speeding, and found only half of the top 10 list were sports cars. The biggest offender a luxury sedan, the Lexus ES 300.

The analysis is based on more than 323,000 insurance quotes that found that speeders tend to drive the same types of cars.

So do the cars attract troopers more, or are those drivers more likely to speed. We asked

“It is a blend of both. I bought a fast car, and I wanted to go fast,” said Matt Shoffner with

And he added that insurance companies do follow these studies which impacts your premium even if you’ve never been pulled over.

“Yes, most definitely, it will impact drivers rate before they’ve gotten a ticket.”

And if you are pulled over Terre Mullinax and insurance agent says “it will make your premium increase and it will count against you for 3 years.”

On average, speeding under 16 miles an hour translates to a 21% premium hike. And according to, it goes up from there.

If you want to put the brakes on over-spending, says choosing a car from the list of least ticketed vehicles, should give you a better rate to start, and perhaps a lesser chance of getting pulled over.

To find out what rate your car gets speeding tickets, use this calculator.

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