SCHP offers back-to-school road safety tips

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Schools in the Pee Dee start Monday and Horry County schools open on Wednesday, so there will be more people and buses on the roads in the mornings.

The Federal Highway Administration says more than half of all students are driven to school in cars, double the number bused in; so the start of school is also a time when children are at a greater risk of injury in a crash.

There will be many more people on the road each morning and afternoon; and as people’s driving patterns change it’s important to be alert and ready to stop in neighborhoods or school zones.

Don’t be surprised if you see a kid in a hurry to get to school, who then darts outs into the street without looking.

While it may sound easy to be aware , the South Carolina Highway Patrol sees the toll it takes when people forget.

“Our goal, each and every day, each and every year is target zero, zero fatalities. We want to have a successful school year and we want to start off right and continue throughout the year to make sure our children arrive safely,” said Lance Corporal Judd Jones with SCHP.

Lance Corporal Jones said during the first few weeks of school, you’ll see more troopers on the roads, to remind drivers that school is back in session and they need to slow down.

The highway patrol also wants to remind drivers to watch out for school crossing signs on their morning commutes.

Over the summer, the flashing caution lights are off and drivers are able to maintain their usual speed.

But this week, that changes, so drivers will have to now get back in the habit of slowing down.

Not only could it be deadly if a child were to run out in the road, but it’s a rather costly offense.

Trooper Jones said speeding can add six points to your license and fines run as much as $400 dollars.

“Give yourself extra time that way you won’t have to be rushing or speeding through school zones yourself, know there’s going to be extra traffic in the morning so give yourself ample time to get to your destination,” said Lance Corporal Jones.

There is zero tolerance for anyone caught speeding since speeding through these zones could claim a life; so troopers will not be issuing warnings if you’re caught.

They hope the high price, helps avoid possibly deadly situations.

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