More Horry County students to use iPads this school year

CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) – More students in Horry County schools will get iPads this year as a learning tool. Students in Horry County schools have used iPads for a few years now. It started with middle schoolers, and then high schoolers got them. This year, third and fourth graders will also use the iPads as a learning tool.

Students in high school, middle school and in fifth grade all get their own device. Now, third and fourth graders will get to use iPads too. However, it’ll be one iPad for every two students. When students register for school, parents are asked to pay $25 so students can use an iPad. That covers any accidental breakage.

The iPads the third and fourth graders will use do not have apple care, like the rest of the iPads in the school district. Horry County schools spokeswoman Teal Harding said that wasn’t an option since multiple kids will use one iPad.

She said she wasn’t worried about much damage.

“Among the students that have the lowest breakage by far was fifth grade, county-wide last year.”

We also asked Harding what happens when a student or family cannot afford the $25 technology fee. She suggested the parent let a school counselor know and they will try to accommodate from there.

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