Myrtle Beach deals with hundreds of abandoned cars, could be towed from private property

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – There will be a motion tomorrow at Myrtle Beach City Council’s 9 a.m. meeting to declare many vehicles in the city abandoned or derelict. Myrtle Beach City Spokesperson, Mark Kruea, says this is a problem the city council deals with on a regular basis.

“A couple hundred times a year in fact,” added Kruea. The city’s Code Enforcement staff puts red stickers on cars that they noticed are abandoned or that have been reported by neighbors or businesses.

A car can be tagged if it’s abandoned, inoperable, has a missing license plate or if the tag is expired. Once it’s tagged the owner has seven days to move or fix the car.

“If those vehicles don’t get moved, they go to city council and city council declares them abandoned or derelict per state law,” said Kruea. Once that happens, the Myrtle Beach Police Department takes over and has the cars towed.

Lieutenant Joey Crosby with the Myrtle Beach Police Department says there are specific tow companies on rotation to deal with the problem.

Kruea says many of these cars are on private property and the city is allowed to come and remove them.

“If the car’s on private property and you live next door to that property and there’s a non-operable vehicle sitting on blocks in the neighbor’s front yard, that is a nuisance for the neighborhood,” said Kruea. “That’s one of the reasons why state law allows those vehicles to be noticed and removed.”

Kruea said if you have an inoperable or unlicensed vehicle, you should keep it out of the public’s view.

“If it’s not in the public view, so if its in a garage, it’s fine,” said Kruea. “But sitting out where the public can see it is the issue.”

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