NC woman tried to kill toddler nephew ‘for her family,’ warrant says

Regina Durr

FAYETTEVILLE, NC — A Fayetteville woman is behind bars after police say she tried to drown and smother her 2-year-old nephew on Saturday.

According to court documents, the maternal aunt told police she wanted to kill her nephew for her family so “the struggle would end.”

Regina Durr, 24, now faces attempted first degree murder charges and felony child abuse charges.

Police say the incident happened at in the 800 block of Zadock Drive Saturday.

According to court document, Durr was left to baby sit her 2-year-old nephew while other family members were away.

Court documents say Durr pushed the toddler under water with the intent to kill him.

 Regina Durr in a photo from Fayetteville Police.
Regina Durr in a photo from Fayetteville Police.

When the toddler started crying, court documents say Durr laid on top of the boy, covered his nose and mouth until he became unconscious.

He regained consciousness and Durr repeated the actions until he became unconscious again, the court document said.

Durr then removed her hand when she thought the little boy was dead, the court documents say.

Police say the boy was rushed to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center for treatment.

Court documents also say Durr admitted to a detective “she wanted to do something for her family, because with his death, the struggle would end.”

The court documents did not explain what “the struggle” referred to.

The victim’s mom declined to comment other than saying her son is now doing OK.

Durr is expected in court on Monday. She is being held on a $500,000 bond

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