Public outcry causes Horry County Council to scrap plans for SC 90 gun range

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – There was a packed room for the Horry County Infrastructure & Regulation Committee meeting this morning. Dozens of residents from the Hillsborough community came to show their disapproval of the proposed gun range off SC 90 in Conway.

County Councilman Johnny Vaught has led the effort to build a gun range in Horry County. After several sites were surveyed, the I&R Committee decided on land near the Solid Waste Authority in Conway. However, that location is less than a mile from neighborhoods like Hillsborough.

“As soon as you drive in off of Route 90, it’s a very peaceful, serene place to live and we want to keep it that way,” said resident James Galantino. He started a petition against the gun range and began talking with Councilman Vaught about the plans months ago.

“He gave me his word that they would listen to the people. If the people didn’t want to do this, then they would walk away,” added Galantino.

Councilman Vaught said he appreciated the public’s input and that’s why the committee decided to get rid of plans to build the gun range near the SWA. However, he says plans for the gun range in Horry County aren’t scrapped altogether.

“For those people who want a firing range, we’re going to continue to look for other opportunities for a firing range. And a hopefully less inhabited area where it wont impact neighbors so much,” added Vaught. He says a gun range is needed to provide people with a convenient and safe place to fire their weapons.

“We’ve had several complaints about people who are not exercising good judgement and common sense firing too close to residential neighborhoods,” said Vaught.

Galantino said he’s glad the community doesn’t have to worry about the gun range anymore.

“This was a big issue for us. We’re very happy with the outcome today,” said Galantino.


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