Clean up at the Darlington Raceway helps Christ based organization

DARLINGTON, S.C (WBTW) – An exciting race weekend in Darlington as the Bojangles Southern 500 brought many NASCAR fans to the track but when they leave a lot of trash remains.

Just 12 hours over 50,000 fans packed the Darlington Raceway cleaning crews are here cleaning up what’s left.

The Southern 500 is over, now it’s time to clean up the Darlington Raceway.

Logan Miller said 16 members of the Brunswick Christian Recovery Center (BCRC) are here to help.

Miller explained, “It’s nice to give back to some place that helps us to get our life back together.”

The free Christ based rehabilitation center traveled from Brunswick, North Carolina to set and clean up as a fundraiser for the facility.

Raceway Public Relations Director, Dennis Worden said the raceway takes pride in giving back!

The Raceway brings in different service groups to clean up then Darlington donates to the group.

Worden said, “It’s like a really great opportunity to give back to the community that supports us and after having such a wonderful great race weekend here.”

“Everybody has a stake in this facility being successful and these people are out here doing a job, they are getting some extra money and they are trying to do what’s right,” Worden adds.

Assistant Director, Tim Federcheck of the BCRC organization says fundraisers like this help the next person battling addiction.

Federcheck said, “It’s a great feeling giving back because somebody did it for me. I’m actually a by- product of BCRC.”

“It’s a good thing to use my experience to help other people that are struggling- realizing that you have to put God 1st. Helping the next guy who has been beat up and is struggling to find purpose,” Federcheck adds.

Darlington Raceway officials say they hope to have the Raceway spotless by Wednesday.

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