Local first responders honored on Labor Day

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – Local first responders were honored with a free meal from Olive Garden on Labor Day. This is the 15th year the restaurant, located off Highway 501, has held the event. Last year they honored Horry County Fire Rescue and this year staff members chose to honor Horry County Dispatch.

“They do a lot for us, said Olive Garden line cook, Eddie Adderson. “They respond whenever we call them so it’s only right that we respond when they need us.”

Communications Supervisor at Horry County Dispatch, Lori Woods, said it was a pleasant surprise.

“It’s very good to know that you’re supported,” said Woods. “We have a good support system here in Horry County and people do think of us.”

Woods said dispatchers can sometimes be forgotten because they work behind the scenes.

“You don’t see our faces in the street,” she said. “We’re not a part of, you know, those responders that are out there and visible to the public.”

Woods said just like officers carry a burden from their jobs, dispatchers face similar hardships.

“You are here to do a job. You are trained to do a job and that training kicks in when you’re here. However, when you finally get that moment when you go home and you think about what just happened today or what you did, it does stay with you,” said Woods. But helping others is what keeps her going.

“You keep doing it day after day because there’s always that one thing that happens where you feel like you made a difference,” Woods added.

The restaurant delivered a lunch of pasta, salad and breadsticks and plan to go back to Horry County Dispatch to bring the first responders dinner.

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