Family and Justice Center opens new office in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW)- The Family Justice Center is a non-profit based in Georgetown County that provides shelter and aid to victims of family violence and their children, as well as educational programs for the community.

This week the FJC opened a new office in Myrtle Beach. The center’s Executive Director says the number of calls they received from the Horry County area led to the decision.img_4233

“These families are in critical need very quickly, so they need a close by office where they can find refuge and all the help that they need and we have to give them,” Co-Executive Director Vicki Bourus said.

Bourus said an unnamed donor provided them with the funds necessary to secure a space in Myrtle Beach on Apache Drive. The Family and Justice Center will operate in the space rent free for the next three years.

“So I think that it will make it accessible for not only the victims but for the people who are supporting the victims, social workers, counselors and others and the victims themselves, Bourus said.

The victims will have access to counseling, financial assistance in certain circumstances, job help and other needs. It’s also a place for their kids to receive help as well.

“That’s another way to break the cycle, is to intervene and provide support and counseling to the children along with the mom,” Bourus added.

In addition to the new office, the 15th Circuit Solicitor will use a new grant to bring on a prosecutor specifically to handle domestic violence cases. Solicitor Jimmy Richardson says his office has 340 pending domestic violence cases on their docket right now. He says in many cases the victim won’t testify and that impacts what they’re able to do. However, he believes having a new local office will change that.

“Getting those people in the right frame of mind to not only help with prosecution but to also be able to help them move on with life in a non-abusive situation,” Solicitor Jimmy Richardson said.

The Myrtle Beach Office of the Family and Justice Center will be open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. For more information, click here.

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