Voter education symposium to highlight national and local politics

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – With the presidential election only a few months away, local voter organizations and state representatives will offer a free discussion to educate citizens before going to the polls.

State representatives from the South Carolina Democratic and Republican parties will gather at the Poynor Education Building in Florence to present their respective party’s ideas on national and state issues.

According to the South Carolina State Elections Commission,  Florence County has 64 precincts with 84,600 registered voters.

Organizers say there will be discussions from the national and local perspective but all without engaging in conversation about the two presidential candidates.

“I felt what people actually needed to cut through that was a nice little civics lesson, not as elementary as school house rock  but something they could really sink their teeth into and make sure that their voting their beliefs, I cannot stress that enough but also be an educated voter,” said Tonita Perry.

Florence County State Representative Terry Alexander says when you vote for a candidate your voting for the type of system they represent. He says this can be difficult for voters if they don’t understand the system.

“You know, we also found out during this whole process that folk are looking at the electoral process from the presidential level and not really taking notice of the local elections where politics is really local…it’s a local thing,” mentioned Representative Alexander.

The voter education symposium will began at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Poynor Education Building on 301 South Dargan Street in Florence.

The symposium will be held for people to engage in conversation in lure of the upcoming election and how the national system is being impacted by both presidential candidates.





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