Boy tired of mom passing out from drugs, tells SC deputy

Thelma Craft
Thelma Craft

SPARTANBURG, SC  – A boy was tired of his mother passing out from doing drugs, so he flagged down a Spartanburg deputy, according to an incident report.

It happened Thursday night around 11 at the QuikTrip on Greenville Highway.

The boy told the deputy that she had been smoking marijuana and was tired of this happening all the time.

The boy threw a roach onto the roof of the car and said she’d been smoking it, according to the report.

The deputy said Thelma Louise Craft, 50, was slumped over in the driver seat with the car running.

Craft was breathing, but unresponsive.

She became aware of the deputy and tried to get out of the vehicle.

The deputy said she didn’t know where she was and had slow and slurred speech.

There was no smell of alcohol, according to the deputy.

EMS checked Craft out, but she refused to go to the hospital.

She failed a field sobriety test, according to the report.

The deputy asked her if she had any head injuries. She said she didn’t, but had been having blackouts she couldn’t explain.

She told the deputy that she had heart surgery and was on medication.

The deputy said Craft had prescription medications that had warning impairing the ability to use motor vehicles.

The medication was prescribed to her, according to the deputy.

She is charged with DUI 1st, Simple possession of marijuana and child endangerment.

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