Florence School District One considers ‘true middle school model’


FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) – Florence School District One hopes to move toward a ‘true Middle School model’. Board members are talking about moving students to a Kindergarten through Fifth grade and Sixth through Eighth grade model. Right now, the grade models in the district vary with three schools for Seventh and Eighth graders. During the discussion phase, boards official’s will examine how the changes could impact your student. Superintendent Dr. Randy Bridges said redesigning the grade set-up benefits Sixth graders most. He said that is because teachers work as teams with the same group of kids.

Dr. Bridges said, “It’s a very successful model in Middle School. Not that we don’t have some of that going on now with Seventh and Eighth grade. But we think Sixth grade is better there [with Seventh and Eighth graders] than it is in the Elementary schools and research proves that.”

The school board members will put together a plan that keeps student safety and educational opportunity in mind. Dr. Randy Bridges said the new model may create safer schools.

“This plan could eliminate some of those model units. Where our kids would actually come into the brick and border facilities which is a safer environment,” Dr. Bridges explains.

Students currently attend classes in 185 mobile units’ across the district.

The school board plans to continue the discussion throughout the school year and wants to hear parent’s questions and concerns.

For more information on upcoming board meeting or a public hearing about grade reconfiguration, call 843-669-4141.

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