Purnell Swett excited about this season’s potential


PURNELL SWETT, N.C. (WBTW) – The Purnell Swett football program has not had a winning season since 2010. But this year, the Rams think they have a good shot at changing that.

So far, Purnell Swett is 3-2 this year. The Rams are coming off a big win against powerhouse program Jack Britt last Friday. Head Coach Jon Sherman, who is in his second year at the position, says that win has really show the potential his team has to have a big season.

“The energy now shifted to this could be a good season for us,” Sherman said. “And the community is getting a little buzz about it. They want to come back to the football program. I remember years ago hearing about how it was popping it was going, it was great. I remember hearing about it being crowded and cars being parked way out there. So that’s what we want back here. I was telling the players after the game, thank the band, thank the pep squad because they’re bringing energy for us to play and its becoming football. Real life football again.”

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