South Carolina’s August Unemployment Rate Drops…again

South Carolina’s August jobless numbers came out Monday.
The state’s unemployment rate dropped 1/10 of a point from July, to 5.1 percent. The state Department of Employment and Workforce says that’s the state’s lowest rate since May of 2001.

Horry County has the best rate in our part of the state, at 5.4 percent, although that is above the state average.
Chesterfield County is second, at 5.7%.  Florence County is third, at 5.8.
Marlboro County has the highest rate in our region, at 9.1%.
Bamberg County has the worst rate in the state, at 11.9%.
Charleston County has the best, at 4.5.

North Carolina’s average fell to 4.6% in August, good for 24th best nationally. South Carolina ranks 31st. South Dakota is number one, at 2.9% out of work, and Alaska is last, at 6.8%.

The national rate is 4.9%. To read more, click here.

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