Coker College offers bridge program for Northeastern Technical College


HARTSVILLE, SC (WBTW) – Criminology majors at Northeastern Technical College can now transfer all of their credits to Coker College.

High numbers of Criminology students and graduates prompted a partnership between the two college’s.

Provost and Dean of Coker College, Tracy Parkinson, said the bridge program will create more opportunity for careers in law enforcement and criminal justice.

Parkinson said, “This is bringing people into any of those occupations who want to see a more just system. Who want to see where weaknesses are and where we can be better.”

Criminology professors focus on how society operates and relates that to crime.

Parkinson said, “Our criminology faculty here and I believe the same about the faculty at Northeastern Tech. They believe in the concept and ideal, that criminologists can better our [justice] systems and better our society.”

“At their heart they are people that want to see the system be better,” Parkinson adds.

Northeastern Technical Vice President of Academic Affairs, Heath Milligan, says the 2 year college is excited for the new program to start this January.

For more information about Coker College’s Criminology Bridge Program, please contact Michelle Coyle at or (843) 857-4213.

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