Community asks to renovate Myrtle Beach skate park


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – For Noel Hughes, photographs are all she has left to hold of her little brother, Matt.

Matt was sixteen years old and skateboarding in North Myrtle Beach when he fell.

“I just remember his friends saying when they got to him, he was bleeding from his ears, his nose, and his mouth,” said Hughes.

He wasn’t wearing a helmet and had to be transported to MUSC.

“I looked at the doctor’s mouth, and I remember seeing him say ‘I’m sorry, there’s nothing more we could do, and I just lost it. I was begging the doctors, you know, please, don’t let this be the end,” said Hughes.

A moment that marked the end of her brother’s life was the beginning of what’s now known as the Matt Hughes Memorial Skate Park in Myrtle Beach.

His love for skating gave life to a new park, but 18 years later, that park has seen better days.

“It’s just a mess. It’s ugly. I don’t know why someone would want to do this and trash a park that they come to and skate in,” said Hughes.

Right now, Hughes says the park is filled with outdated equipment covered in graffiti.

Leaders at Pepper Geddings Recreation Center say they’re ready to make those changes, but with funding up in the air, city leaders have to hear from you.

“I’m hoping that they agree that it’s worth rebuilding and that they do rebuild it and make it a better place,” said Hughes.

Wednesday, community members will come together at the Pepper Geddings Recreation Center  at 7 pm to discuss what they would like to see done to the park. All are invited to attend.

Recreation leaders say they’d like to see a complete overhaul with a new cement skate park, and that the City of Myrtle Beach is willing to help pay for it, but before they do, they have to get input from the public.

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