Myrtle Beach City leaders to allow for parking and medical clinics at ITAP


MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW)-Myrtle Beach City leaders have modified the Planned Use Development for the multi-million dollar Myrtle Beach International Technology and Aerospace Park.

The ITAP was initially brought to the area to bring aeronautical activity and related jobs to the area. In 2009, city leaders made modifications to also allow for commercial development as well. There is currently a buffer that allows for a portion of the property to be used for that kind of development.

Recently, the city modified that further to allow for medical uses and special event parking for festivals that take place in The Market Common.

“It is not just supposed to be for Aerospace. It’s right next to the airport. In fact, a piece of it touches the runway basically. So, it makes logical sense that if we could put a good aerospace high-tech airplane related use their, that would be great. But no we’re not welded to that. If we got a great other project we can do that,” City Spokesperson Mark Kruea said.

City leaders say already received interest from a group wanting to open a medical clinic in the ITAP. No word on when that could be finalized.

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