New Horry County police chief says investigations are over with department


CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) – It’s week one of Chief Hill as Horry County’s new police chief. So far, he has some big aspirations for the department.

“We are shooting for the goal to be the model agency in the country.”

But right now, the department is in the spotlight for lawsuit after lawsuit, and last week, a grand jury indicted four former Horry County police officers.

Hill says those days are behind him.

“S.L.E.D. assured me that the investigations have concluded, I’ve requested a briefing, an executive briefing which will take place next Wednesday but I was assured that there will no more indictments and the investigation has concluded.”

He said he’s shifting his focus now to accountability to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself.

“If we have discipline problems we’ll get right out in front of it, if we have to terminate somebody that is what we’ll do.”

He said hopefully that doesn’t have to happen because right now the department is already down 22 officers.

“Look at what is going on in the country.  I think it’s in the Carolinas; they had a big riot the other night or last night. It is difficult in our profession.”

Difficult or not, Hill said those 22 positions have to be filled soon.

“We have to do better in our job at delivery of police services to the community. Once we do that folk are going to want to look at law enforcement as a career.”

Hill wants you to know: he’s working to fix all of these problems and he’s working for you.

“We can change the direction the department was going in and making it a department you can trust, you can count on and one you’re proud of.”

Hill is meeting with a minister in the race path community Wednesday night to hear his concerns and he said within the next three weeks he plans to have meetings in the community to hear your concerns.




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