New Infusion Suite opens at McLeod Seacoast

LITTLE RIVER, SC – Same Day Services at McLeod Seacoast has opened a new infusion suite, growing from 4 infusion chairs to 11. Infusion therapy is medicine, nutrients or special fluids delivered through a needle directly into the body. Infusion therapy can be done through a blood vessel, under the skin or into a muscle. This new wing in the Same Day Services suite has been added to meet the needs of the growing community that McLeod Seacoast serves, and offers convenient access to infusion care.

“The new infusion suite at McLeod Seacoast will allow our facility to offer more patients the opportunity to have access to outpatient treatments as well as chemotherapy” said Sharon Simmons, Director of Same Day Services. “McLeod Seacoast IV Infusion provides services for therapeutic phlebotomy, infusion of antibiotics, hydration, blood products, chemotherapy, injections and implantable port flushes, along with a wide array of other infusions It is an honor and privilege to care for our patients during a difficult time in their lives, and having the infusion suite will help us to continue to offer quality care.”

The new infusion suite is just one of many construction projects at McLeod Seacoast. Six new operating rooms are scheduled to be completed in the upcoming months and the new concourse, a thoroughfare for visitors and patients, is also under construction. In addition to the concourse, construction on the new bed tower has also begun. Once completed, the bed tower will add 50 inpatient beds to McLeod Seacoast.

-This is from a Press Release.


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