Organizers and city leaders prepared for the growth of Carolina Country Music Fest


MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW)- One of country music’s biggest stars is scheduled to headline the 2017 Carolina Country Music Fest in Myrtle Beach next year.

According to the CCMF Facebook page, Kenny Chesney will perform at the 2017 event held at the old Myrtle Beach Pavilion site.

“We’ve had some phenomenal talent but I think this year, Kenny Chesney he sings about the beach, is all about the beach. He’s about the biggest country entertainer there is and he’ll be able to take it to another level,” President of Full House Productions Bob Durkin said.

More than 20,000 people attended this year’s festival, that number was an increase of 5,000 people. With the announcement of Kenneth Chesney as a headliner, organizers believe that number will grow. Plans will soon begin to accommodate that expected increase in visitors.

“We’ll have extra staffing, extra entrances and exits. There’ll be more police. So like last year we’ll start that planning in the next month or two,” Durkin said.

A sell-out crowd would be upwards of 30,000 people attending something Myrtle Beach City leaders say they’re prepared for.

“People plan to come to the beach well in advance, buy their tickets, book their hotel rooms so for hoteliers and restaurant owners in the area, it’s a wonderful event,” Myrtle Beach Chamber Board Chairman Radha Herring aid.

In addition, festival planners will look for other options to avoid a repeat of issues with the wristbands. Hundreds of people reported not being able to use them during the festival or receive their refunds.

“We did have some issues with that. That was the only part that I think was negative last year but we got but we got everything worked out for everybody. I don’t think we’ll be using them but we’re weighing our options right now,” Durkin said.

Early bird tickets are on-sale and all headlining acts will be announced by November.

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