As flood waters rise, NC dams threaten to give way

SPRING LAKE, NC – One dam has already given way and three more are in danger after drenching rains soaked the area, federal officials say.

The Long Valley Farm Lake Dam at Carvers Creek State Park has a partial breach, and a full bearch of the dam appears imminent, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


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Officials report the neighborhood at greatest risk from the dam has already been evacuated.

The breach in the dam at Rhodes Pond. (WNCN)
The breach in the dam at Rhodes Pond. (CBS North Carolina)

The Rhodes Pond Dam near Godwin was already being overtopped, according to NOAA. A CBS North Carolina reporter on the scene reports that a breach has occurred in the earthen levee just where it meets the concrete dam. Workers are trying to plug the breach with rocks. A construction crew was already on site for ongoing dam repairs, which were scheduled to conclude in late November or early December.

“If the dam failed, water would surge southeast across U.S. Route 301 and possibly across Interstate 95,” federal officials wrote.

And in east central Hoke County a dam on a small lake has failed. That lake drains into McLaughlin Lake. The water is going over the top of the McClaughlin Lake dam, which is worrying officials.