Florence homeless shelter faces foreclosure, pleading for community’s help

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Resurrection Outreach Homeless Shelter in Florence is days away from foreclosure unless it can come up with $120,000.

It’s not a house but its where some people call home.

“So I came up here from a hurricane. I didn’t have anything. I mean I  had nothing,” mentioned Hurricane Katrina victim Connie Sanders.

Resurrection Outreach Homeless Shelter has run on donations for the past 12 years.

Since 2012 the shelter has taken in 146 people including Hurricane Katrina victim Connie Sanders went there.

“I’m not going to cry but anyway I would say that they really helped me,” said Sanders.

The same goes for 29 year-old Marcus Connelly.

“You have a church, you have good people, somebody that cares,” said Connelly.

Resurrection Outreach Homeless Shelter Director Modestine Brody says she’s offered shelter, job training, and recovery services to homeless men women and children.

Now she’s hoping for a miracle.

The property is scheduled to go up for sale on Thursday October 6, 2016.

Brody says the property was put on the market for $300,000 without her knowledge.

“We just went to the next step which is, we bid on the property and that’s where we are now.” Brody said.

The shelter has until October sixth to come up with $120,000, so far they raised $38,000 leaving them with $82,000.

Brody met with Florence City Manager Drew Griffin Thursday.

“So hopefully he’ll be able to help us through this one time. You know we’re not looking for someone to carry us and support us. We just need one time help,” Brody added.

Help that people who live there are grateful for.

It’s a place of hope; it’s a place of spiritual, renewal and enrichment, said shelter resident Linda Henderson.

Now, the hope is that the shelter itself will survive.

Florence City Manager Drew Griffin says he will speak to city council about the issue, but can’t promise anything.

You can call Modestine Brody at (843) 472-9346 on how to donate or give a private donation to the shelter.

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