One year after the historic floods, Black Creek residents lean on faith

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Nearly one year after the October floods another major storm threatens South Carolina.

Homes along East Black Creek Road in Florence County flooded during last year’s flood.

Streets turned into lakes, homes submerged under water and cars tossed like toys.

“October, November, December, January, February – it flooded five times,” said Brantley Taylor.

Taylor and his stepmother Ann Tyndall never left their home on East Black Creek Road during October’s flood.

“It’s no sense in trying to dodge something that’s going to happen anyway,” said Tyndall.

“My birth mom raised us up in this trailer and I’m not leaving,” replied Taylor.

The family stayed in their home after the City of Florence ordered evacuations along East Black Creek Road during the flood.

“People that don’t even stay down here will and come and take what you got,” explained Taylor.

Now, one year later another storm could impact East Black Creek road among many others.

“Right now we’re preparing for that potential track. We’re getting our resources ready just double checking and triple checking our lists. We also have activated our EOC to OPCON level four which basically means we’re watching it very closely,” said Florence County Emergency Management Public Information Officer Andrew Golden,

Days, weeks, months and now one year after the flood, this family will once again lean heavily on their faith.

“If the storm come through wipe out all of these trees. Me and my stepmom – Good lord takes us home. That’s what it’ll be,” said Taylor.

Andrew Golden with Florence County Emergency Management says residents should prepare as if the storm is near.