Myrtle Beach Police encourage people to evacuate

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Parts of Horry County and Georgetown County may be asked to evacuate Thursday, and police say they’ve already seen an influx in traffic along Highway 501 and 544 leaving the beach.

Lt. Joey Crosby with Myrtle Beach Police says their crew met Wednesday to prepare for the storm, and they’re asking people who live along the coast to leave.

“As you can see, the track is changing daily and hourly even sometimes, so take it very seriously. Make sure that you’re making your preparations, and if you can, evacuate because it’s making sure that you and your family are safe,” said Crosby.

If you’re in North Myrtle Beach or further North starting from Briarcliffe Acres, you will take Highway 9 North to 95.

If you are in the areas between Briarcliffe Acres South to 10th Avenue North, you will take SC 22 to 501. That will lead you to Marion, and when you’re there you can take 75 to Florence to get to 95 Southbound. Or, you can stay on 501 to 38 to 95 North Bound.

If you are between 10th Avenue North and the Myrtle Beach International Airport, you’ll take 501 to Conway. Then, you can take 378 to Columbia or continue on 501 to Marion.

South of MYR to Surfside drivers should take 544 to 501 to Conway. Again, there you can take 378 to Columbia to continue on 501 to Marion and from there to 95 North or Southbound.

Garden City area and south of there to Winyah Bay should take 17 South through Georgetown. You’ll then take 521 to Highway 261 and finally get on Highway 478.

These evacuations are not mandatory, but Crosby says if conditions are too dangerous, emergency personnel may not be able to get to you if you need help..

“We have to take precautions to make sure that we are safe as well. So, there is a certain time [period that we have to evaluate the safety of the officers, fire, and EMS personnel, and potentially, we could have to pull them from the roadways and only respond to emergency calls for service so they’re not in danger as well,” said Crosby.

County Spokesperson Lisa Bourcier says as of right now, there will be no lane reversals in Horry County.