State Insurance officials remind residents to create a home inventory list

FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) – With Hurricane Mathew shifting toward South Carolina, Ray Farmer the South Carolina Director of Insurance wants you to plan and prepare in the days before.

One way to prepare for the storm includes homeowners contacting their insurance agencies to know exactly what the insurance policy does and does not cover. Planning and preparation are two very important parts of weathering the storm.

Farmer wants you to not only have an emergency kit ready and know your evacuation route but to also create a home inventory.

“It’s almost impossible for us to remember what we have in every room of the house. I’m urging all of our citizens, especially those in the affected areas, to take time today and make time to make a home inventory,” Farmer said.

Your home inventory list should include the name, description, and estimated value of each item throughout your entire home.

“Having a home inventory will make it easier when you return home to file an accurate and detailed claim in case your home is damaged or destroyed. So, now is a good time to use, you know, the time before the storm wisely and start writing down what you have in each room,” Farmer explained.

Farmer says the SC Department of Insurance will help residents that experience losses during the storm.

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