Surfside Beach asks residents who plan to stay to pick up an ID band

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Surfside beach officials are asking people who plan on staying in town during the storm to visit the fire station and pick up an identification band.

On Thursday, the Town of Surfside beach posted the announcement on their Facebook page.

The post says that after the storm is over, the band will easily identify you to those who check on citizens, which includes federal agencies, state agencies, and staff.

“If you have a problem during the storm, please contact the fire department at 843.913.6369 or police department at 843.913.6368. Remember, once sustained winds are at 45 miles per hour, there will be no response from either the ambulance, fire, or police,” the Facebook post says.

Officials also say that if you get a band, and then decide to leave town, you should call the fire station and let them know you are leaving.