CERT volunteers help Florence County Emergency Management with Hurricane Mathew coverage

FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) – The Florence County Emergency Management launched the Community Emergency Response  Team (CERT) over the summer. Now the teams of volunteers are helping out with Hurricane Mathew coverage in Florence County.

Florence County Emergency Management officials said one thing they learned from the flood last year was the need for trained volunteers to help out during disaster coverage.

CERT members were trained on emergency preparedness tactics like how to search and rescue people from a damaged home.

Now the CERT trained volunteers are helping Florence County Emergency Management with Hurricane Mathew.

They are helping by answering calls from residents and updating the Florence County EMS social media alongside other agencies like the Red Cross and DHEC.

Other members of the CERT program will help out in their neighborhood.

Andrew Golden, the Florence County EMS Public Information Officer said, “If we were to have direct impact from hurricane Mathew or anything else in the future. This training teaches you how to respond within your neighborhood until first responders can get there because there are not enough first responders in the county to respond everywhere in the County are we have a major disaster.”

The CERT program will have another training session October 21st through 23rd.

For more information about the program visit fcemd.org.