Down trees cause traffic problems on West Palmetto Street in Florence

FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) – Down trees and power lines on West Palmetto Street in Florence are causing major traffic problems.

This part of Florence has many fallen trees. When people turn off of West Palmetto onto South Alexander Street they immediately have to turn around because it is also blocked by a tree.

Jamel Backus who lives on this onto South Alexander Street said drivers are not driving carefully. In just a few hours after Hurricane Matthew, he witnessed three hit and run accidents, his neighbor’s dog was run over and two children were almost hit.

Backus explained, “You really can’t come outside. The police told us to stay in the house. But we’ve got all these cars… in our yards! We tried to block our yard off with limbs and they run over the limbs in our yards. It’s just ridiculous. I have never seen Florence like this.”

The City of Florence Police Lieutenant Mike Brandt asks residents to be patient as the department works to clear the roads.