Flooding forces people out of homes in Marion County

Marion County

MULLINS, SC (WBTW) – Parts of the Pee Dee continue to feel impacts from the heavy rains from Hurricane Matthew, especially people who live around Mullins and Nichols.

Randy Bryant has lived along the Little Pee Dee River in an area known as Fort Retch his whole life, but Monday, he watched those memories drown.

The bottom level of Bryant’s home is now completely under water, and Monday he worked to salvage everything he could.

“We worked from about 6:30 to last night moving all of our furniture upstairs. We still got a few things that we need to wade through to take up, some personal things,” said Bryant.

Monday, crews worked in boats and helicopters to rescue people from their homes because Bryant says the water continues to rise.

Buses loaded people to take them to shelter as parts of Mullins and Nichols continued to flood.

“We got some good people down here, and I’m sad for everybody I really am. It’s a very sad situation, but we’ll get through it like everybody else does. I’m sure it’s been worse, but this is the worse that we’ve ever had it,” said Bryant.

People who live along the river say flooding hasn’t happened like this since 1945, but like they did then, they will rebuild.

Fork Retch is where the Lumber River and Little Pee Dee come together. Little Pee Dee is expected to crest at Galivants Ferry on Tuesday at 15.4 ft. That’s the second highest in history of the site and the highest it’s been since 1928. The Lumber River is expected to stay above record flood level until Saturday.