Homes in the Bellevue Area of Florence are flooded after Hurricane Matthew

FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) – Flooded areas in most of Florence are now dry but many homes in the Bellevue area of Florence are still surrounded by water.

Mark Allen has lived in this neighborhood for over 15 years. He says Hurricane Matthew left eight inches of water in this downstairs living room and bedrooms.

He contacted the City of Florence after the floods last year because he believes the drain in his front yard is clogged.

He says the City did not properly clean the drain, now the flood water is just sitting.

Allen bought a 400 dollar gasoline pump connected to a 600 ft. hose to remove the water from his yard to a ditch three blocks away on Second Loop Road.


Allen said, “It’s aggravating and a lot of work because me and the neighbors have to keep the ditches cleaned out with sticks and everything. We just have to almost take matters into our own hands.”

“It’s terrible. I understand this was excessive rain but like I said this happens every time we have any rain,” Allen adds.


Count on News13 to follow up with this story to see if the City of Florence cleans out the storm drain before the next heavy rain.