Waccamaw river levels still rising, Conway braces for more water

SC DNR launching boat in Waccamaw River in Conway for patrols.

CONWAY, SC (WBTW)- As the river rises so do the concerns of people who live in Savannah Bluff.

Now residents are bracing or even more water.

The river levels in Conway are steadily rising and forecasters say they will throughout the weekend. The roads, yards and lower levels of homes along Savannah Bluff are completely covered in water.

Emy Chamberlain lives in the area. She regularly pulls her mother in a small boat to their home which she said is now badly damaged.

“We have cracks in our roof, leaks in our roof. We have mold downstairs from the last flood that we haven’t gotten rid of and now with the stagnant water, it’s breeding grounds for more mold.”

Another heavily affected area in Conway is Lees Landing Circle.

Devon Paces a resident there and said his family, “lost one vehicle, we lost my truck. We got out there and the water was to the window.”

Paces’s family also lost several items stored beneath the house. He says things are even harder because he had to evacuate with his 2 month old child.

“Getting his belongings. We packed as much as we could trying to get out as fast as possible so we’re still having to go back and forth to get clothes because you know new born babies you have to change them every few hours,” he explained.

Mark Setzer is staying in Lees Landing and taking care of his elderly parents. They all experienced last October’s flooding… and it’s taking a toll.

Setzer said, “dealing with it on a year to year basis is getting really difficult especially the older they get and the worse they get medically.”

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