‘Code Red’ flood alert sent to residents living near river in Bucksport

BUCKSPORT, SC (WBTW) – People living along the Pee Dee River in Bucksport were alerted to possible flooding.

According to a press release from Horry County Government, a “CodeRed’ message was sent from the Horry County Emergency Operations Center Thursday morning alerting the residents of Bucksport about the flooding.

Please see below for the message:

“Properties near and around Bucksport Road, from the river to the James R. Frazier Recreation Center, are reporting flooding due to the Pee Dee River. Horry County Fire Rescue crews and the Horry County Police are in your community assisting those that need to evacuate their property.  We encourage people to leave now and report to the James R. Frazier Recreation Center.  Please call Horry County Emergency Management at 843-915-5150 for assistance.”