Groups help flood victims in Lumberton during tough times

LUMBERTON, NC (WBTW) – Groups from FEMA, National Guard, fire rescue and among many others are helping transport donations and supplies by the truck load.

Supplies for flood victims are being sent from the Lumberton Regional Airport to thousands of people hurt by the flooding

Airport Manager Troy Gammon says fourteen trucks are loaded with food, water and the basic essentials to help people get through tough times.

Gammon says crews are taking the donations to six shelters and even homes that are without water and power.

He says the coordination between state and local agencies turns a bad situation into something positive.

“That’s what the airport is here for to be a center for things that happen whether it be an emergency or whatever so it’s good that we’re using the assets that the city and county have in the way that they should be used,” explained Gammon.

There are still nearly a thousand people in shelters across Lumberton and Pembroke.

You can donate by dropping off items at one of the six shelters or at the Command Center located next to the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office at 38 Legend Road in Lumberton.