Socastee frustrated with even more flooding


Socastee residents weren’t the first to feel the effects of Waccamaw flooding, but the rising river now has those neighborhoods filling with water.

People who’ve called Socastee home for decades say they have never seen the water this high. The Intracoastal Waterway has filled nearby lakes and is now emptying into neighborhoods. 

The river is currently just over 16 ft. It’s expected to crest at 17, where it will remain for days. That’s bad news for people like Kenneth Homesley, who’s fed up the extra water.

“This is the fourth time we’ve been flooded in one year. We had the original flood with the rains last year, than we had the runoff from up north 30 days later, that’s two. We had the flood during the storm and now we have this one.”

Multiple residents expressed frustration about the flooding of their homes. And with the Waccamaw not even crested, flooding will remain an ongoing problem.