Do children in foster care have more health problems?

CBS NEWS – A new study in Pediatrics suggests children placed in foster care were six times more likely to have behavioral problems, and seven times more likely to be depressed. Doctors says early life experiences may play a role in the findings. SOURCE – Pediatrics/MedDay/CBS

Babies born to women over 40 using assisted reproduction have fewer birth defects. That’s according to Australia doctors who found infertile women aged 40 and older using techniques such as in-vitro-fertilization had less than half the rate of birth defects of fertile women of the same age. SOURCE – University of Adelaide/MedDay/CBS

Scientists at the university of Utah looked at what Americans are tweeting about when it comes to food. Coffee came in first, followed by beer, and then pizza. Communities posting positive tweets about healthy foods were more likely to be healthier overall. SOURCE – JMIR Public Health and Surveillance/MedDay/CBS

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