Socastee sees record level flooding

Near Rosewood and Dogwood in Socastee

SOCASTEE, SC (WBTW) – The Waccamaw river is rising in record breaking levels causing many residents in Socastee to reluctantly leaving their homes over the unexpected flooding.

The people that live near and along Rosewood Dr. all say the same thing, they have never seen the water here this high and they didn’t expect it to rise so quickly.

“It came out of nowhere,” said Zach Sebald.

He pulled his carpet out of his flooded home, loaded it into his truck and jumped in boat to canvas his neighborhood. He did so for the first time in daylight hours since it flooded.

He looked out at the flooded homes and said, “growing up in this neighborhood it’s very odd to see it like this. You know just driving down the street driving a 4 wheeler and what not. And then to see everything underwater… having people that we know lives affected, our own lives affected it’s a shame.”

The Waccamaw is expected to stay in major flood stage most of the week which means, “for a lot of us it’s not going to be a normal life for a couple of months here.”

Sebald doesn’t have flood insurance because he says he’s not in a flood zone.

“Just kind of goes to show that even if you’re not in a flood zone you still got to take precautions and make sure everything is going the right way and smooth.”

Some people did take precautions but damages are still a concern.

“We’re not covered,” said Kelsey O’Connor. She just moved into her home 4 months ago and had to evacuate due to flooding. She said the water in her home came up to her knees.

“We just finished laying hard wood by ourselves we just finished painting all the rooms, we stain sanded all the new cabinets and everything. The house just got new appliances in it, and now it’s all underwater.

Zach Sebald says, it could always be worse…

“I feel bad for what we’re going through but I feel bad for all these families back here.” He lives on higher ground and while his home is flooded it isn’t as bad as some others.

“All the families across the world that have been affected by it…we still have the opportunity to get our stuff and get it in a safe place and people in here and other places didn’t really have the time to do that.”