SCDOT working to repair roads damaged by Hurricane Matthew

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – The South Carolina Department of Transportation worked on several roads damaged by Hurricane Matthew on Tuesday. Most of the damage the crews worked to fix were partial road washouts.

“The crews are out fixing any washouts on the shoulders of the roads,” said SCDOT Maintenance Engineer, Shannon Welch. “We have a list of all the roads that have been assessed and the conditions they’re in.”

Welch said as long as the roads are not underwater or complete washouts, the crews are working right now to get them back to normal.

“They’ve done the primary roads first and now they’ve been working on secondaries the past four or five days so, making pretty good progress,” added Welch.

On Tuesday, crews worked on the Highway 22 East ramp off of Highway 905 as well as a partially washed out road at the intersection of SC 90 and Highway 501 in Conway.

“They’re repairing the shoulder washout and the slope going down to the bottom of the field section,” said Welch. “Of course, behind guard rails a lot of time where there’s a steep slope it’s going to wash.”

Welch said the department hopes to have all the primary roads fixed by Wednesday and the secondary roads fixed by the end of the week. Crews from Columbia are also in the area to work on completely washed out roads and asses those that are still underwater.

“They’re looking at them and assessing anything that needs to be contracted out, to be left to a construction contract, to repair the drainage structure as well as the roadway.”

Welch says crews have been working overtime to get the roads fixed, but he’s pleased with the progress.

“It’s taking a little bit of time but overall we’re getting in pretty good shape,” he added.