Volunteers from around the country work to provide hot meals for thousands of people in need

Volunteers work to deliver hot meals for those in need. Conway, SC

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, people from across the state and around the country are stepping up to donate, volunteer and help out families in need.

Crews stationed at the North Conway Baptist Church have been working to provide hot meals for thousands of people each day.

Volunteers from Charleston provided a feeding truck which lets cooks prepare more than 5,000 lunches and dinner everyday; and they’ve been working non-stop from the time the storm hit.

The meals are free for people staying at local shelters, for the volunteers giving their time to relief efforts, or for anyone in need; including people stuck with out electricity for days following the storm.

“Everything in their refrigerator has rotted and they just haven’t been able to feed themselves and you know they’re still going to work, they’re still doing their lives its just really helpful for someone to have dinner waiting for them when they get home,” said Mary Ann Sallace, a Red Cross volunteer from New York.

Red Cross has provided the emergency response vehicles that truck the meals to different location throughout Horry County.

As soon as the meals go out, crews start the clean up for the next one, and the food prep starts again.

Red Cross volunteers have been spending long days away from home to provide the meals, but for them it’s a labor of love.

“It’s really a touching thing its like a united nation of people, these people come from all across the country, there are accents from every part of the country, people just get up and go when the need is there,” said Sallace.

There is still a need for more volunteers, if you’d like to help, contact myrtlebeachdisasterrelief.com.