Bucksport residents still can’t access homes a week after evacuations

BUCKSPORT, S.C. (WBTW)- A “CodeRed” message was sent from the Horry County Emergency Operations Center last Thursday alerting the residents of Bucksport about the flooding and encouraging people to evacuate.

Several families packed what they could and left at that time. That included people like Hazel Bellamy who live on Martin Luther Drive.

“Some people are able to get back to their homes at this point but where my home is located, we’re not able to and they can’t tell us when,” Bellamy said.

Horry County Spokesperson Lisa said Martin Luther Drive is the last road still closed in Bucksport. Those that can’t get home are taking advantage of a Red Cross shelter at the James Frazier Community Center. It’s a situation many Bucksport residents didn’t think they would be in.

“I called my daughter and was like did you see the water in Lumberton and Mullins? And then all of a sudden it was us. It was right here in our back door and we were facing the same situation. So now I know how those people feel,” Bellamy said.

Shelter Managers say more than 80 people stayed at the shelter Friday night where a food pantry and supply room is set-up to help meet the needs of families.

“I’m thankful because if it weren’t for God and them, I don’t know where we would be and we appreciate it,” Bellamy said.

The American Red Cross said they will keep shelters open until they’re no longer needed.

The shelters are located at:

Grand Strand Church of Christ, 2212 Glenns Bay Rd, Surfside Beach, SC
James R Frazier Community Center, 1370 Bucksport Road, Bucksport, SC