Dillon County DSS hosts a mobile food bank

DILLON, S.C. (WBTW) – The Dillon County Department of Social Services (DSS) held a mobile food bank Friday to help replace spoiled food from power outages after Hurricane Matthew.

Harvest Hope partnered with DSS to provide the food and served about 300 people in just three hours. Since Hurricane Matthew, DSS said it got many complaints about spoiled food.
Many of the DSS employees live in the Pee Dee and witnessed the storm impact first hand.

Robert Thompson, Dillon County DSS Foster care supervisor said, “I was born and raised here in Dillon South Carolina. I think it’s great to give back to the community you where you were raised. I am appreciative to do that for the families here in Dillon County.”

Lisa Collins, DSS County Clerical supervisor adds, “It feels so good to help them through this hard time that we are going through.”


DSS workers said they want to help the community especially providing children with nutritious meals.

Ronnel Huff, Dillon County DSS Child Protective Services Supervisor said, “Our children should have nutritious meals on a daily basis. We feel that by giving back to them that we are helping them. It may be in a small way but it means a lot.”