Even pumpkin patches not spared by Hurricane Matthew

GREENVILLE, N.C.  – Thanks to Hurricane Matthew, local pumpkin patches are running low, so you may want to get your jack-o-lantern early this year.

Briley’s Farm Market is still under water. It’s lost almost 300 pumpkins and only has about 200 left.

The one exposed to water for long periods of time are rotting and falling apart.

Manager Rachel Whitehurst said they still plan to reach their goal by the end of the season.

“We try not to complain,” said Whitehurst. “We did lose two busy weekends, but hopefully these two next weekends will be just as good if not better than they would have been with everyone here those first two weekends.”

Whitehurst said they are rerouting hay rides to avoid the pumpkin patch and let customers pick from the bins.