Florence SCDOT works hard to clear roads despite damaged homes

FLORENCE, S.C. (WBTW) – Employees of the Florence South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) worked 12-hour shifts to clear roads in our area. About a dozen SCDOT workers have been working nonstop since Hurricane Matthew despite their homes being damaged.

Three of those employees have had their homes destroyed but that did not stop them from getting to work to make sure roads are clear and safe to drive on.

Lorena Pate SCDOT District Maintenance Engineer, “For somebody to have that kind of dedication, they leave 1st thing in the morning. Their families are at home, probably with no power with flood damage and tree damage, whatever it might be. And they come to work willing to help open roads and fix roads for the motorist public of SC. It’s an honor to work with somebody like that. It really is.”

“Twelve people had flood damage, not including the people that had trees and stuff that came down. They still got up every morning and came to work. Just like normal because they are just dedicated to helping the people of South Carolina getting back on the road and helping people, “Pate adds.

SCDOT is collecting clothing or supplies within the agency to help those employees with damaged homes.